City Signs 20-year Lease with Skansie NetShed Foundation

On October 26, City Council approved a 20-year lease with the community-based non-profit organization known as the Skansie NetShed Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501 c(3) educational group formed to care for and manage the netshed and its contents.  Volunteers have already shown that they are up to the task by providing public access throughout this year's summer months.  They kept the doors open Tuesday evenings during the Summer Sounds Series at the Park.  Visitors could stroll though the shed and beat the heat while the Farmers Market sold their goods each Thursday from 3-7 pm. And the Skansie Netshed was open every weekend drawing thousands of local residents and visitors interested in learning more about Gig Harbor's rich maritime heritage.  

The Skansie NetShed Foundation Mission:

“An educational organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of fishing family heritage as it exists in the people, places, vessels, skills, and stories of Gig Harbor’s commercial fishing industry.”

The Shed will be open Saturday, October 31st, for Halloween.  Volunteers will also be on hand from 5-9pm on Thursday November 12th for Girls Night Out.  Check out Skansie Netshed Seasonal Schedule for 2015-2016 hours of operation and join the conversation at