2017 Interpretive Signage Project

Hello all!

Each link posted on the left represents Interpretive Signage for the Netshed. We agreed to do this work under our lease when Coastal Heritage Alliance left. It became an obligation for the City under a Heritage grant from Washington State and was passed on to us.  All signs must be placed by the end of June this year.  

Each sign will be fabricated on weather-proof museum-board or metal panels that will suit the industrial flavor of the shed. Metal can be printed with photographic quality with a float-mount treatment.

Other deliverables obligated under the Heritiage grant include:

  1. Interpretive Signage
  2. Video and Audio Equipment/Installation (to loop fishing videos and demonstrations)
  3. Weather-proof Security Cabinet for Equipment Storage
  4. Indoor-Outdoor Marine Speakers (interior & deck) 
  5. Historic Pot-Belly Stove to replace old one (plumbed with code-compliant outlet for electric heater)
  6. City-installed Fire Detection System (already done)
  7. ADA upgrade to double-entry doors (removal of the door-jam base riser to become flush with the deck boards)