This sign is a catch-all of information that sets the tone for management of the Netshed.  We've found that some visitors like to stand and quietly read...

In addition to our MISSION STATEMENT, the sign pays tribute to

  • Michael Skansie (who was instrumental in facilitating the sale of property to the City for his father, Peter),
  • Gretchen Wilbert who had the vision and stamina to see it through,
  • the original congratulatory letter of approval from DAHP for being added to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places,
  • and a modest letter of wisdom from our current SNF President, Andy Babich. Andy sets the tone to manage the shed in an authentic fashion that honors the humble beginnings shared by many fishing families in Gig Harbor.

The sign measures 36x38-inches and will be placed on the outer deck above the wine barrel.  It's a great spot to stand and read (for those so inclined).  Gretchen gave Michael's letter and the packet of images (including the hand-written quote) to me prior to the 2010 100-year celebration of the Netshed in 2010..  

Below is the placement location:

Below (left to right) is an image of Lydia (Michael's wife), then Mayor Chuck Hunter, Michael Skansie (Peter's son), ex-Mayor Gretchen Wilbert, and Chuck's wife, Dianne during the 100-year Netshed Celebration.  This event was an open call to heritage families and was a HUGE success.  It won us the money from the National Trust to replace all the piling and outer decking of the Netshed.  Unfortunately, Michael's failing health keeps him home-bound these days although Lydia attended last year's Netshed Dinner and loved it.