In keeping with 5 other netsheds along the waterfront, below is signage that will mounted on the gable-end of the netshed - waterside.  It will be fabricated in metal (though it looks like all the other historical wood signs) and will last forever :)\

NOTE:  There was a great deal of discussion about adding a sign to the front of the shed... Hesitation for this approach came when considering the iconic simplicity and integrity of the small blue, red-roofed structure.  

A sign legible from the street would have to be large.  The concern was that the sign would overpower the structure. Instead, we will ask that the City add "SKANSIE NETSHED" to their Landmark Park Signage.  The National Register Plaque will also be in place (see below).

If there is still a desire to add more signage, we could consider adding one of the City's "Historic Markers" closer to the building.  However, for every sign we add - we permanently eliminate open space that provides flexibility for future uses...

Below is where (if we vote to do so) a Historic Marker could be placed.  (I have yet to design anything.)